Find your inner wild

At Inner Wild Yoga, we believe that there is an element of our being, a part of our heart and soul that craves communion with the quiet of the wilderness. That deep under the layers, there is an inner knowing, a kinship, a relationship with our natural world. That we are inextricably linked, inner world and the outer wilderness, woven together in a delicate balance...

This is the Inner Wild, that visceral part of us that longs for crisp mountain air and open spaces. That craves to get lost on forest trails for hours on end. That steps onto the trail, footsteps and heartbeat syncing to the same rhythm. The song of the breeze and echo of old mountains... the whisper of the heart saying, "I am home."

Finding our connection once more to the wild places in the inner world is the first step to restoring connecting with wild places in the outer world and healing our planet. It all begins with knowing ourselves.



From mountain summits, to forests and rivers, Inner Wild Yoga organizes unique experiences to reconnect to our true nature. Our culture is all about living the practice of yoga beyond the studio, through a balance of connectedness to earth, adventure & community. By creating a global community of adventurers that sows awareness about the sanctity of mother earth, we believe that we can support the evolution of our planet and serve in aligning its people back to their heart centered nature.

Each Inner Wild Yoga experience integrates a focus on asana practice, meditation, pranayama, yoga philosophy, movement, and the opportunity for making a deep connection with the natural world. You will not only be challenged physically, but mentally and emotionally as well, encouraging the total practice of living your yoga. Our experiences are perfect for individuals who wish to deepen their yoga practice, study in beautiful places, try something new, and immerse themselves within a supportive positive community.

Before the yoga hike I felt all of the pressures of life and work, and some apprehension since I don’t do yoga often and have never done it outside. Afterward, I felt refreshed and limber without a care in the world.

It’s an amazing experience, and nothing to be timid about. Nathalie is an excellent guide and teacher. The hike was approachable for any ability level, and the yoga practice was fun, encouraging, and no pressure. We had a great time enjoying the view, bonding with friends, and even had a nice lunch provided.
— Grey Jernigan, Mountain True